We offer financing options through flexible investments in your company and a quick response to boost the development of your business and we seek to be your strategic partner to help you achieve it.

At Capital+ SAFI S.A. we manage more than

USD 506 million

Raised through our investment funds to invest in your company and give you the financial solution you need.

What do we offer?

Financial solutions
We finance investment capital, working capital and restructuring liabilities
High flexibility
Adjustment to the specific needs of each company with regards to capital amortization, periodicity in the payment of interests, time limits and grace periods, among other conditions.
Attractive terms and conditions
With wide ranges of flexibility in amounts and time terms.
With or without unsecured guarantee
We focus on the capacity of companies to pay.
Throughout the entire process, so that you can find the best solutions for your business model, which also allow you to optimize your financial structure.
New alternatives
That will allow to do the financing through the Stock Market.
A team of professionals
Specialists in financial advice for different business models.
In relevant and current topics to strengthen your company.
To be more sustainable considering environmental and social aspects.

Attributes according to the Capital +SAFI Investment Policy

What type of investments do we offer?


Investment Capital

  • Resources to finance expansion projects.

  • Resources to replace investments made

Advance payment to suppliers

  • Short term resources granted for purposes like purchase of raw materials/inputs, and/or advances to suppliers.


Liability restructuring

  • Resources to refinance existent debts with other creditors.

  • Achieving the best cash flow matching adjusted to your needs

What is the process?

At Capital +SAFI S.A. we manage more than USD 506 million, captured through our investment funds, to invest in your Company and to offer the financial solution that you need.




  • Audited financial statements of the last 3 to 4 years.
  • Financial Projections
  • Strategic Plan


  • Deed of Constitution, current and modifications, statutes.
  • Business Registration Document updated
  • Operating Licence, and others of your business
  • NIT (Tax Identification Number)


  • Organizational Chart
  • Stock composition and Board of Directors Details
  • Others

Success Stories

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1. Initial Visit

In this first meeting we want to know your business, strategy and projections and we send an initial request for information.

2. Negotiation of Terms and Conditions

2.1. The signing of the agreement of wills agreement is required.

2.2. Preparation of terms and conditions of a potential issue / investment

3. Due Diligence

3.1.Issuance of securities:

It is important to have all the necessary documentation to carry out the issuance of securities. For this activity they have the support of the Capital Legal Area +SAFI.

3.2 Risk Rating:

The potential issuer must request the Risk Rating report from a rating agency authorized by the ASFI.

4. Investment Committee Approval

The Due Diligence process is reflected in an evaluation report that is sent to the Investment Committee for consideration of the operation.

5. Disbursement for the purchase of the value

With the approval of the Investment Committee, receipt of the issuance documentation and the risk rating, the disbursement proceeds!

5. Desembolso por la compra del valor

¡Con la aprobación del comité, recepción de la documentación de emisión y la calificación de riesgo se procede con el desembolso!

4. Consentimiento del Comité de Inversión

El proceso de Due Diligence se refleja en un informe de evaluación que es enviado a nuestro Comité de Inversión para la consideración de la operación.

3. Due Diligence

3.1. Emisión de título valores:

Es importante contar con toda la documentación necesaria para realizar la emisión de títulos valores. Para esta actividad tienen el apoyo del Área Legal de Capital +SAFI.

3.2 Calificación de Riesgo:

El potencial emisor debe solicitar el informe de Calificación de Riesgo a una calificadora autorizada por la ASFI.

2. Negociación de Términos y Condiciones

2.1 Se requiere la Firma del convenio acuerdo de voluntades.

2.2 Elaboración de términos y condiciones de una potencial emisión.

1. Visita Inicial

En esta primera reunión queremos conocer su negocio, estrategia y proyecciones y les hacemos llegar un requerimiento inicial de información.